Justin Bieber releases extended “Boyfriend” teaser video, announces album release date

The music event of the year is drawing ever nearer, so to celebrate the occasion and heighten the already mammoth anticipation, Justin Bieber appeared on the US version of The Voice last night to present an all-new extended teaser for his forthcoming “Boyfriend” video. The Mike Posner produced track first dropped in late March, signalling an edgier, more R&B direction for the young pop sensation. In keeping with his musical transition into adulthood, the video looks all dark and moody, and even pays tribute to the late, great Michael Jackson. Peep the silhouettes.

So say hello to another very necessary JB video teaser in three… two… swaggie…

Whilst on The Voice, Bieber also announced that his highly anticipated forthcoming album Believe would be released on June 19th.