Justin Bieber breaks VEVO record with “Boyfriend” video | Music News

His fanbase may comprise of mainly 12-16 year old schoolgirls, but I think it’s safe to say Justin Bieber‘s ‘Beliebers’ go harder than any other artist’s fanbase. After holding the record for only a few days, Rihanna was knocked off the top spot by the Beliebers, smashing the record with over five million views for Justin’s “Boyfriend” video.

VEVO Tweeted congratulations to Bieber, saying the video had scored five million views before the day was even up, although official numbers haven’t been released yet. This must come as great confirmation for JB and his team, as, after releasing initial video teasers, they practically re-shot the entire video to give us the Little X directed final visuals.

Nicki Minaj had originally held the record at the end of January with 4.8 million views for “Stupid Hoe,” but was beaten by Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been” video only days ago which stacked up 4.9 million views. Well, that was a short lived time at the top for Rihanna.

Justin Bieber’s album, Believe, will be released June 19th.

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