Joey BadA$$ – “Killuminati” | Music Video Preview

Having wow’d us with “Survival Tactics,” “Waves” and then pretty much stealth released “Blooming Blossoms (Flowers Pt. 1),” fast-rising BK emcee Joey BadA$$‘ has decided to tease us with a preview visual of his forthcoming cut “Killuminati,” the combination of two words: Kill and Illuminati, coined by the late great Tupac Shakur

The [snippet of the] track is taken from the the emcee’s anticipated solo project 1999 and has been alined with footage from the Pro.Era frontman’s Urban Outfitters photo-shoot with photographer Bobby Whigham, who has been working with the brand taking lifestyle stills for their current season.

Disclaimer: Video contains flash photography 

Theories, thoughts, beliefs, lies, hearsay, and ultimately opinions on the “Illuminati” have been ingrained in the depths of Hip-Hop and many other genres of music for years. I myself have been in many a conversation and argument with friends, ex-girlfriends, work colleagues and fellow Hip-Hop heads regarding the quote-unquote Hip-Hop “Illuminati” and will probably end up in another one sometime in the near future.

Although I have heard my fair share of “Illuminati” based songs in my time I can’t help but feel incredibly intrigued to hear the BK native’s take on “bring down” the Freemason sect. Joey’s level of lyrical maturity and young revolutionary mindset will make for an interesting listen, beliefs he has already eluded to on some of his current and past solo material. 1999 coming very soon [probably not soon enough].

Note: I didn’t even mention Joey’s age once. Ha!

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[via 2DBZ]