Jim Jones f/ Lil Wayne, T.W.O. – “60 Rackz Remix” | Music Video

Here’s some not so conscious hip hop for y’all, in the form of the V-Mix to Jim Jones‘ “60 Rackz.” Featuring racks, strippers and lots of a$$, this would be a contender for ignant rap smash of the year if only Killa Cam, who appeared on the audio version of the remix (a-mix?), bothered to show up.

However, with Cam’ron absent, we’re left to put up with a sub-standard Wayne verse and some guy called T.W.O, who featured on the original, and whose numbered name and general significance is lost on me. It becomes a track I’m not that bothered about listening T.O. Nonetheless, the visuals, which try to emulate “Pop That” in this year’s Booty Category of the Ignant Rap Awards, are worth a look(1).

(1) Not sure that Jim Jones’ wife would necessarily agree with me on that one.

The original version of this track featured on Jim Jones’ fantastically named Vampire Life 2: F.E.A.S.T..