Jay Z x Kanye West – “Gotta Have It” [Unofficial Video]

Watch two youngsters take on the roles of Hov and Kanye in an unofficial video for “Gotta Have It,” from last year’s Watch The Throne.

In these imaginative, tongue-in-cheek visuals, Diamond Allen plays Jay, rocking a Yankees cap and camo, whilst a suave Jonathan Stewart captures the self and fashion-conscious Ye in red braces and a bow-tie. Young Jay holds up a corner-store with a slingshot and young Kanye does whatever young Kanye does, which is mostly just throwing a lot of poses. BellaNoir Films, who are behind the whole thing, also throw in a few freaky masks, copious Roc diamond signs and an American flag, just for good measure.

I’d definitely sign the petition to make this the official vid for “Gotta Have It”, this is too good.

Spotted @ JumpOff

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