Jay Sean – “Where Do We Go” | Official Video

This is the first track taken from popstar Jay Sean‘s forthcoming mixtape The Mistress, a buzz release that I gather will consist of acoustic tracks – both originals like this one, and covers. This is really good news, because rather than wanting a decent hit single and a solid album release date, Jay’s fans have been crying out to hear him showcase his powerhouse vocals singing an Adele song over an acoustic guitar.

That was harsh. I should probably confess that up until fairly recently, I’ve been a big supporter of Jay Sean, and an apologist for his more recent, heavily processed offerings – “Hit The Lights” might have been the autotuned straw that broke my back.

With that in mind, this is more like the Jay Sean we used to know. Sure, it’s a ballad that moves us firmly into ‘Adult Contemporary’ territory, but there’s a lot more substance and character to it than was evident on any of his smash hits – no talk of “The Club” to be found anywhere for starters. Ultimately, this guy started life as an R&B singer, and it’s nice to hear a reminder of that.

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