Jay Qwest – ‘Offiseer’ f/ Boog Brown + Methuzulah | Music Video


“Offiseer” is the first single off Jay Qwest’s upcoming album Whiskey & Gunpowder. The track is Qwest’s take on KRS-One’s 1993 classic jam “Sound Of Da Police” and features fellow ATL emcees Boog Brown and Methuzulah.

“Offiseer” speaks on injustice at the hands of the police. It’s a slightly less aggressive take on the original, but this is not strictly a remake. I dig the slightly mellower, more soulful beat this song offers (courtesy of producer Illastrate). However, the lyrics are hard-hitting right from the first line: “Whoop! Whoop! / It’s the sound of da police / Well actually with me it’s more like / N*gga on your knees!

More well-deserved bad press for the Feds.

Whiskey & Gunpowder drops April 24th. Sample the album here.