Jah Cure – “Nothing Is Impossible” | Music Video

We’ll pretend this isn’t two months old. I know the most of the blogging world lives by “It’s better never than late”, but this video wasn’t anywhere so I get a pass? Thanks.

The visuals for Jah Cure‘s uplifting “Nothing Is Impossible” are basically his life story since 2007; a trip outside General Penitentiary (his one-time residence), a (probably sold-out) concert and previously unseen footage of his marriage to TV presenter/former Miss Jamaica World contestant, Kamila McDonald (hottie!).
The crooner caught a lot of flack for the Royal wedding inspired theme by reggae fans at the time. To me, it’s his choice, his life, let him live. I’m here for the music, yo! Still impatiently waiting for the constantly-delayed album World Cry, Mr. Alcock!