Is it You? Live- by Lee Ritenour and Friends

Some old-school jazz/soul just because I heard it on the radio this morning and…heck I felt like posting it!

This is a live remake from a few years back of renowned Jazz guitarist Lee Ritenour’s sublime early 80s classic ‘Is It You?’. I have been enamoured with the original featuring Eric Tagg for some years now. I believe it has all you could want from a soft-funk, jazz-infused ballad-or a love song of any genre for that matter. This version features the man himself plus Kenya Hathaway-yes, daughter of Donny-whose sister Lalah gets all the attention although I think Kenya is the more talented. The young man sounding quite a lot like Brian McKnight (and how can that be a bad thing?) is Grady Harrell, one-fifth of Reality TV talent show sibling hopefuls, ‘Brutha‘. The bass player smacks it too.

Below you can be (re-) acquainted with the original co-written and performed by Ned Flanders-lookalike Eric Tagg. This is a vocal performance that suits the song down to the ground if ever I heard one. Tagg balances a solid delivery with the requisite amount of vulnerability; the hallmark of any good soul vocal. And as for those harmonies…ooh la la.

Shalom x

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