Havoc – ‘Same Shit Different Day’ | Music Video

Exactly one week after blessing us with the audio, Mobb Deep sound designer Havoc gives his new single “Same Shit Different Day” the visual treatment.

The song is the first from Hav’s forthcoming EP 13, and is a grimy indictment of the monotony that street cats often endure. From police interrogations, to sippin’ 40s on the block, to catchin’ a jux — it’s the same shit, just a different day.

The video is directed by Prime Cut Film, and has the same rough-edged appeal as the song. The fact that Prodigy doesn’t make an appearance is curious to me, though. Couple Hav’s line about cats “out here dry snitchin’ writin’ books” with P’s absence from his partner-in-rhyme’s first video in a long time and you’ve got a situation that makes you wonder: Is it really all good in the Mobb?

Or maybe I’m just thinkin’ too much.

Anyway, check out the video below. 13 is coming soon.