Franklyn Music – ‘William Wordsworth’ | Music Video

It’s been a minute (by blog standards, anyway) since we’ve heard from burgeoning London-based lyricst Franklyn Music, who last checked in towards the end of February with his “Internal Bleeding” video. Well, today he’d like to welcome you to the slick lyric video for his “William Wordsworth” number, which is an incredible piece of work itself.

Inspired by the celebrated 19th Century poet of the same name, “William Wordsworth” sees Franklyn delivering an impassioned speech on both self-assurance and social criticisms, all weaved through impressive rhyme schemes.

This level of maturity isn’t rare for Franklyn, though. His most recent full-length release, Just Being Frank — on which this song is featured — is a sturdy collection of compelling records, and will see its successor, Just Being Frank 2, announce its presence shortly.

“I’m something like William Wordsworth / If I don’t live what I say, then what are my words worth?”

The UK needs to champion more accomplished lyricists like Franklyn Music.

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