Frank Ocean previews explosive clip from the set of “Swim Good” [Video]

Odd Future‘s Frank previewed a clip of the new visuals for one of the nostalgia, ULTRA favourites  “Swim Good”. The footage shows his orange limousine explode in a ball of flames in a scenic shot, on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Frank put on his tumblr where he uploaded the clip, “from the set of swim good. i lost my rosa acosta air freshener in that explosion. **’boom!”

Watch the video below.

Much like his orange limo, Frank has literally ‘blown up’, as part of the Odd Future collective and as a solo artist with his acclaimed mixtape nostalgia, ULTRA and most recently his features on Jay Z and Kanye‘s joint album Watch The Throne. If the last video we got from Franky is to go by (refresh your memory of the visuals for “Novacane” here) this one should be nothing short of excellence. Or we hope so!

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