Footsie f/ Darq E Freaker – ‘B.O.G (Bag of Grease)’ | Music Video

Footsie, one half of the venerable Newham Generals, laces us with a grimy new track to get live to.

Featuring multitalented producer/artist/model Darq E Freaker, “B.O.G” is a loud and brash record heinously crafted with the sole purpose of ramping up adrenaline levels.

“B.O.G” should be stamped with a “Beware” sign, as, when combined with alcohol and bright lights in locations such as clubs, warehouse raves or house parties, the pairing of Footsie’s witty punchlines and Freaker’s stomping, villainous beat is likely to provoke some excessive dancing and dangerous head nodding — a banger all across the board.

Coupled with director Aaron Shrimpton‘s dark, disturbing visuals made even more severe by the stark POV perspective, “B.O.G” is an unrelenting treat for fist-pumping listeners.