Fly Union – ‘The Hard Way’ | Music Video

Since they were in L.A. recently, MCs Jerreau, Iyeball and Jay Swifa — collectively known as Fly Union — decided they might as well shoot a video. Why? Probably because that’s what you do while in La-La Land.

This sudden burst of inspiration resulted in visuals for their snare and acoustic guitar-driven cut “The Hard Way,” and the crew from Columbus, Ohio, finds themselves kicking bars in what looks like the middle of almost nowhere (you can see civilization waaay off in the background) but is actually a winding road leading to a mountaintop — a visual metaphor for the trio’s continued rise in the rap game.

The video was shot, directed and edited by FlyDotU themselves (because what’s flyer than self-sufficiency?), and is meant to hold us over until their second album, tentatively titled TGTC2, hits the streets.

And since today is the first anniversary of their debut album’s release, you should head on over to iTunes and pick up the original TGTC. Nothing hard about that.

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