Florence + The Machine – “Spectrum” | Music Video

Shot by David LaChapelle and John Byrne, Florence + The Machine‘s “Spectrum” is vividly brought to life on film, capturing the grand and anthemic brilliance of the band’s tuneful, operatic single.

“Spectrum” is the sixth single of the award-winning, record-breaking band’s sophomore studio album, Ceremonials. Set to a reeling, driven beat, the uplifting and uptempo track makes excellent use of lead singer Florence Welch’s dynamic voice and presence, clearing space for the striking red head to unabashedly exhibit the pyrotechnics of her astounding voice in full force.

Crammed with trademark LaChapellian imagery, “Spectrum” stands out as an interesting video populated by ballerinas and danseurs; expensive chandeliers and golden furniture. Strange, stark and cinematic, “Spectrum” beautifully illuminates all the qualities associated with the big voiced Florence and her Machine.