Fabolous – ‘Swag Champ’ | Music Video Teaser

Fabolous works hard to keep his swagger on point, and the official teaser for his next video is proof. In order to be the undisputed “Swag Champ” — which, coincidentally (well, not really), is the name of the song getting the visual treatment — Loso apparently does lots of running, throws lots of punches in the air, and routinely has model-types whip up raw egg/pineapple juice/Ciroc Coconut concoctions to keep his energy high and his swag on swole. (Are you writing this down? You should be.)

Who knows how this regiment will affect the Aristotle-directed video for the There Is No Competition 3 cut, but the footage of it — which is modeled after the popular 24/7 series HBO uses to promote big-time boxing matches — is certainly compelling enough to make you wanna tune in and find out. I feel stronger just from watching it.

Now I’m ready to go shopping.

Watch the teaser below.