Estelle – “Thank You” | Lyric Video

Following the Rick Ross featuring “Break My Heart” London’s very own Grammy award winning Singer/Rapper/Songwriter Estelle returns with the very impressive follow up single “Thank You” from her forthcoming album All Of Me.
I’m actually blown away by this song and the way the lyric video is put together, it’s just dope. I’m going to let Estelle talk you through this while I watch the visual and listen to the song on loop. Take it away Stellz!

I am really excited about how well “Break My Heart” is doing and REALLY grateful for all the love #mydarlings and my radio darlings have been showing the track. I wanted to share my next single, “Thank You,” with you today. Those of you who’ve met up with me while I’ve been on my whirlwind summer promotion tour may have hear me perform it.

The song is written by Akon and produced by Jerry Wonder. Usually, I don’t think I’m a good singer of other people’s songs. This HAD to be something I was feeling. If I was going to do a song written by someone else, I wanted it to be done right. I wanted it to be something I felt through my heart, through my body, through my mind. When the words came in for this song, I was just…..By the time I got to the chorus of this song, I was damn near crying. It just resonated just SO much with me. I play it for my guy friends and THEY even start crying. It’s just that kind of song. I’m honored to be able to bring it to you. ‘Til next time #mydarlings! xoxox

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