Erin Barra – ‘Good Man’ | Music Video

Sometimes, when you truly love someone, you just have to resort to kidnap. At least that’s the approach taken by New York City resident Erin Barra in the video for “Good Man” taken from her new album Illusions.
Written and directed by Terrence Nance (MOMAs New Films New Directors and Sundance Film Festival Official Selection 2012) the film – and it is a short film, rather than the typical pop video, devoid of narrative – explores the very nature of love from a pretty interesting perspective.

The story, created to evoke an emotional response in the viewer, is told backwards and shows Barra kidnapping a man who, in a major bout of stockholm syndrome, grows to fall in love with his captor.

With such an amazing video, one could almost forget about the strength of the song itself, but the Berklee graduates song craft is far too good to be ignored. The song is an uplifting-soul joint, full of twangy electric guitars and gospel electric organs. The lyrics are simple, but relatable of in the way that truly good lyrics should be.

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