Emma Blakk – “Breakdown” (Freestyle) | Net Video

Some would say that hot headed female emcees are at the forefront of the UK urban industry however just as that platform is evolving, another stage is being established for gritty female vocalists – no sweethearts around here. The UK underground scene is the birthing ground for unrefined raw talent and with a few singers beginning to opt for a much darker sound, it is no surprise that 24-year-old singer/songwriter Emma Blakk has caught the eyes and ears of many.

Blakk is a rebel with a story, fresh faced with an edge in her presentation, her passion is very much channelled through her material. Her musical inspirations derive from a tumultuous childhood. Blakk was born in East London, Leyton but grew up in Bolton with her single parent mother. Facing financial difficulties as well as coping with the heavy desire to perform and act out her musical aspirations made Blakk want to change those circumstances. Determination saw Blakk move back down to East London to pursue her dreams.

As part of her launch as a singer/songwriter, this year has seen Blakk release a variety of viral videos showcasing her lyrical ability and stage presence as an artist. Her latest offering is a freestyle entitled ‘Breakdown,’ produced by Davinche, as Blakk unravels her struggles, melodically venting over knife sharp strings and a dub-esque bassline.

With raw emotion, she tugs at the heartstrings detailing every day battles that most would be able to relate to. With continuous development, Emma Blakk could be that one to watch.


Emma Blakk Online: YouTubeFacebook / Soundcloud / @emma_blakk 

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