Dot Rotten – “Normal Human Being” | Official Video

Dot Rotten‘s on the money with this one, taken from his forthcoming EP Above The Waves. Produced by Dot and Naughty Boy, this is chilled-out, quality Hip-Hop.

Let’s be serious – when Dot said he was going for a more mainstream sound this year, nobody expected him to be spraying bars on a cheesy European trance beat. Nonetheless, some Grime fans who were wary of his proposed new direction might take solace on hearing this – as an artistic statement of intent “Normal Human Being” is genuinely impressive.

I’ve been lucky enough to see Dot at work in the studio and can attest to him being a highly creative perfectionist with an exceptional ear for detail. I’ll refrain from revealing any of his studio secrets but his gift for melody is one of many reflected on this track.

Not many saw it coming just a few years ago, but Dot Rotten has emerged as one of the most gifted artists in the UK underground and looks capable of something that arguably hasn’t been done by a homegrown MC since Kano in 2005 – making a timeless, artistically credible but commercially viable album of some substance. Aggro Santos he ain’t.

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