DJ Swerve ft. OGz – “Comeback Riddim” | Music Video

Given that just a few years ago, he was perhaps the best R&B specialist DJ on commercial radio, Swerve’s transformation into one of the UK underground’s hottest producers, responsible for some of the biggest Grime bangers of recent times, was (for me at least) pretty unexpected.

Nonetheless, he’s three for three with this one, which follows his showstealing remix of P Money and Marco Del Horno‘s “Ho Riddim” and the original and hugely entertaining “Street Fighter Riddim” which featured D Double E. This time, he’s hooked back up with P and his OGz crew.  I don’t think Blacks and Little Dee flopped on this at all, but P Money definitely wins. Check out the cameo-filled video below.

“Comeback Riddim” is out now, alongside a solid Sukh Knight (True Tiger) remix.