DJ Muggs f/ Dizzee Rascal x Bambu – “Snap Your Neck Back” | Music Video

With Cypress Hill ready to venture into the wilderness of Dubstep with a joint EP with Rusko in the pipelines, the West Coast collective’s DJ Muggs is also prepping a side project that’s packing a mean bassline.

Recruiting fellow LA rapper Bambu and our very own Dizzee Rascal (who makes his sophomore collaboration with a US Hip Hop act – the first being 2007’s “Where’s Da G’s” with UGK, of course), “Snap Your Neck Back” does exactly what it says for on the tin, providing an immensely infectious teaser for MuggsBass For Your Face LP.

It’s great to see Dizzee return to that raw sound he pioneered early on his career, but what are the chances Muggs and Bambu didn’t understand a word he was saying in that intro?! Check it out below.

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