Dillon Cooper – “Shadows” | Music Video

Never heard of Dillon Cooper? Don’t worry, we won’t get on our horse about it because neither had we until his presence slowly crept up on the internet with what appears to be his first and only release: this “Shadows” music video.

Echoing – on a much smaller scale, of course – from 11 months prior when Kanye West tweeted Tyler, The Creator‘s “Yonkers” video (calling it the video of 2011), Dillon‘s material has gained the support of revered lyricist and fellow New Yorker Jadakiss and his SoRaspy.com blog, who helped propel the video to over 15,000 views on YouTube.

With no music to catch up on, all we can do is sit back, hit @TheDillonCooper with a follow and watch what future power moves this 19-year-old rapper may make.

[via So Raspy]

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