Dezaray Dawn – “Over It” | Music Video

Following the release of her Chameleon EP, Atlanta, Georgia residing singer Dezaray Dawn is on the brink of releasing her new LP The Dawning this summer – warm up with the official video for new single “Over It.” With relatable lyrics, the song was both written and produced by Dezaray and speaks on being over a relationship and the unhappiness attached to that relationship…

Dezaray has a unique and interesting backstory; the singer, is a German-born, Southern-raised Army brat who considers herself a gypsy, having lived in over four states, two countries, six United States cities all before she was 16. “When nothing else was solid in my life, there was always music,” she says. “Whether listening to what my parent’s were playing or composing tunes in my head, music was my solace, my friend, my release, my comfort.”

Dawn’s mother was a part-time nightclub singer, and her father’s family has a long lineage of musicians – including Anthony David, Sean Stockman of Boys II Men, and Tiny from Xscape – so Dezaray’s calling in music came almost second nature.