Darq E Freaker f/ Danny Brown – ‘Blueberry’ (Pelican Fly All Stars Remix) | Music Video

UK-based Grime beatsmith Darq E Freaker and Detroit’s evermore eccentric emcee Danny Brown‘s drug-fuelled collaboration gets a fresh supply of visuals today. It was back in April when the duo released the Blueberry (Pills & Cocaine) EP, which consisted of the lead title track plus a handful of diverse remixes – one of those being Pelican Fly All Stars‘ reinterepretation, which is selected for a visual makeover.

Even if you’d never heard of the “Blueberry” remix, let alone pressed play on the audio, you’ll have a good idea already that the music is just madness. While this new version differs completely from the original, its pounding bass kicks, chopped vocal sample and erratic rhythm still make for a perfect class A drug-driven party anthem. This is a soundtrack to a trip if I’ve ever heard one.

Watch the video for the Pelican Fly All Stars remix below and get the hook up on the Blueberry (Pills & Cocaine) EP right here.