D Double E – “Lyrical Farda” [Viral Video] | New Music

Okay, confession time – I’m frequently baffled by how highly D Double E is rated by the Grime scene in particular and the industry at large. This track begins with Grime DJ and gatekeeper Logan Sama describing D Double as “possibly… the best MC ever”. I appreciate that he’s a beast of a rave MC and I’ve seen him tear down live sets with my very own eyes, but in this super-lyrical Kano/Ghetts/Devlin/Dot Rotten world, it’s inconceivable to me that someone like D Double E could be #1.

With that said, he’s certainly capable of making bangers – from Breakage’s “Hard” to last year’s “Street Fighter Riddim” and his most recent release, the Bluku Bluku EP, the Newham General has some genuine underground smashes up his sleeve. This, whilst not up to the standards of the aforementioned classics, is another big tune.

Watch out at about 2:22 for a dignified but still amusing response to Ghetts’ notorious dismissal (on “Who’s On The Panel”) of him. The way the rave footage is interspersed in this video is pretty dope.