Cypress Hill x Rusko f/ Damian Marley – “Can’t Keep Me Down” | Music Video

Still with the weed talk, Cypress Hill return to give fans a new track and video in the form of “Can’t Keep Me Down”. Teaming up with dubstep producer Rusko, Cypress Hill, alongside Damian Marley, etch out a new track over an electronic backdrop touching upon their consistent position within an ever-changing industry.

Never a group to stay doing the same thing musically (think when they introduced rock in to their repitoire with Skull & Bones), the step in to the dubstep arena seems like a direction that could work for the legendary California collective.

With a video to accompany the song, no artists actually feature in the three minute and thirty three second presentation – instead it features a birds eye view of what appears to be a city mock up with futuristic twists. Familiar with the old school video game Spy Hunter? That’s one way to describe the video’s visuals.

Take a look below.