Chris Brown – ‘Mercy (Freestyle)’ | Music Video

It almost seems like R&B superstar Chris Brown raps just as much as he sings these days. He created a small kerfuffle just two weeks ago with his freestyle over Kanye’s “Way Too Cold” on which many assumed he was taking shots his former flame Rihanna (a claim he denied), and now Breezy has given his “Mercy” freestyle — which he dropped concurrently with “Way Too Cold” — the visual treatment.

Now you may not like the precedent set by guys who sing for a living trading ballads for bars (we’re lookin’ at you, Bieber), but you have to admit that Breezy isn’t that bad. Truth be told, he could probably rap circles around a lot of guys who actually call themselves rappers these days.

It’s really sad if you think about.

Anyway, cheer up and watch the country boy from Tappahannock do his thing. (Note: If you’re prone to epileptic seizures, you might wanna pass on this one.)

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