Chino – “Rich 2Moro” | Music Video

“Rich 2Moro” is one of many uplifting dancehall tracks people don’t give the genre props for, instead of boasting about material possessions and self-indulging, Chino flips the narrative associated with rap and selflessly states “If me rich tomorrow, all of my friends have to be alright… When I’m hunting for my own it isn’t for me one// Need to keep the team strong” (loose translation). But you’re going to listen to it anyway, so go forth and prosper.

Chino is a name that will probably read unfamiliar to many non-dancehall heads. He’s one of the scene’s best kept secrets in my opinion. Son of reggae singing legend Freddie McGregor, brother to hit dancehall producer Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor, he has that rich reggae blood in him. (p.s. skip to 3mins on this video to see about 30,000 Japanese people go mad for him. Amazing).