Children of the Night – ‘Kids From Queens’ | Music Video

As has always been the case with music, music videos have provided that added element of enunciation that can make good songs great and even transform bad tracks into passable plays (I swear to God I only watched “Crank Dat” for the dance). When Children of the Night, the Queens-based (something they like to make a point of) trio comprised of Remy Banks, Lansky Jones and Nigel Nasty, dropped their fully-fledged project Queens… Revisited back in March, you knew the product was too good not to please the eyes as our ears were being seduced.

And talk of the devil, Remy, Lanksy and Nigel come through today with official video for the mixtape’s standout track, “Kids From Queens“. Greeting us with the opening flute-ridden interlude “Intro… Revisited”, the Kids then take center stage at a BBQ in their back yard, with landmarks of their stomping grounds pasted throughout. Look for the cameo from a certain famous face too, (hint: it’s the opposite of Small Professor).