Bubba Sparxxx – “I’m Back” | Music Video

The white rapper (no, not Slim) that had promiscuous girls and their church-going Aunties shaking what God gave them through the best bart of the early ’00s returns. It’s been three long years (six if you date back to an actual album) since we’ve heard Bubba Sparxxx and his unabashed hick rhymes, and now the Georgian-native announces his comeback with “I’m Back” and its accompanying video.

They say rap music makes money, but clearly not making rap music yields profit too as Bubba grabs a couple of high-end Lamborghini’s to play (the much-needed) eye candy in the new clip. It’s not a terrible effort at a comeback from the rapper made famous for his Timbaland-backed “Ugly,”, but Paul Wall kinda demolished the lane for fat, Southern white dudes a few years ago. Especially fat, Southern white dudes still wearing oversized tees anytime past 2009.

Let’s hope that the rest of the forthcoming Miracle on Gamble Road album road catches up to modern times. For his sake, at least.