Brandon Hines – ‘Yes You Are’ | Music Video

At last, a man who gets it! I’m sure most people in relationships know that deep, deep down their partner appreciates them, but dang… It’s nice to hear it once in a while. In Brandon Hines‘ heartfelt “Yes You Are,” which was both written and produced by Jermaine Dupri, the singer goes to sky-high lengths to show his missus exactly how much he values her. “Yes You Are” is reminiscent of that old school, bump ‘n’ grind 90’s flavour. Good to see the “sexy” coming back to R&B; Trey Songz has been holding the fort down for quite some time now.

We will be hearing much more from this rising star as he is currently in the studio working on his debut album which will be released via So So Def/Revel and Epic. In the meantime, hit that “play” button and take a look at the Benny Boom-directed video.