Birdman f/ Rick Ross – ‘Born Stunna’ | Music Video

Newsflash: Birdman has more money than you. To prove it, he’s recruited Rick Ross and YMCMB’s in-house filmmaker Derick G to help him present video evidence. The “Born Stunna” visual gives us mere peasants a look into the lavish life of two guys who can afford to have pretty women make snow angels in freshly-fallen piles of $100 bills.

The single is the first from Birdman’s sixth solo joint Bigger Than Life. Good music for the club, but doesn’t serve much purpose elsewhere. Video’s more of the same, too: girls, money, cars, money, jewelry and money. And armored trucks full of money. And money, money, money, money bags.

Bigger Than Life drops later this year. It’ll probably feature a lot of big money talk, ’cause that what Stunna does best.

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