Bipolar Sunshine – “Love More Worry Less” | Music Video

Bipolar Sunshine

Bipolar Sunshine’s charm is unique. His dark orchestral optimism is heavily infectious as his tentative commencements are always joined gradually by waves of warm optimism. When you listen to his music, you start in a certain place but by the end you’re somewhere totally different. It’s always a better place though.

The Manchester-based singer sticks close to this idea of an enhancing soundscape in his visual for today’s release of “Love More Worry Less.” Soft palettes, British countrysides and the familiar ascendancy to ecstasy remain rooted in the visual as Sunshine tells the tale of underage pregnancy with the young girl running to a crashing crescendo of assurance.

We’ve been following Bipolar Sunshine, real name Adio Marchant, for a while now and with every release you feel he’s one step closer to a breakthrough. With “Love More Worry Less” and its accompanying visual, that crescendo of success is just around the corner. Watch below.

Available to buy as a single, “Love More Worry Less” is also set to feature on Adio’s upcoming EP Drowning Butterflies that drops on November 11th. If you’re not in the mood to wait, check out his Aesthetics EP right here.