Bilal – “Levels” (Directed by Flying Lotus) | Video + Free Remix

Flying Lotus makes his directorial debut with the official video for “Levels” by Bilal, featuring Erykah Badu, Thundercat and Shafiq Husayn (who produced the track).

“The song was created at Shafiq Husayn’s house [as] very much an experiment,” Bilal told HipHopDX yesterday. “[As far as] the video, I just let [Flying Lotus] do his thing. I like what he was talking about – other worldly.”

He added that he hopes to musically collaborate with Flying Lotus in the future.

On the video’s concept Flying Lotus says, “I originally wanted to keep visual themes with another video from my last LP called ‘mmhmm’ off of my last album.

“It featured Thundercat as an intergalactic bass player in a super strange world created by ‘Special Problems’.

“Since Thundercat was part of this song, I thought it could be fun to continue the visual style and feel of this space opera. In the end you have this crazy video made of so much mixed media, geek dreams and lots of love.”

Out now, “Levels” is the third video from Bilal’s latest album Airtight’s Revenge, which also features the Grammy nominated track “Little One.”

The Sounds of VTech / Bilal Levels

In conjunction with the video, Plug Research is releasing the Levels EP featuring remixes of “Levels”by Flying Lotus, Sonnymoon, and KenBts with Chris “Daddy” Dave on drums. As a special treat to go along with the premiere of Bilal’s newest video directed by Flying Lotus, KenBts remixed a version of Levels for the fans of VTech to download.

“Levels was created in a small basement studio below Shafiq (Husayn)’s home in Los Angeles. Bilal, Shafiq, and I produced the foundation of what would become the song under a certain creative hypnosis. It seemed as if, before our ears, the synthetic sounds and beeps congealed into a single living, pulsating organism. It would then soon sprout wings, carrying under them an all-encompassing message.

Download: Levels LogOs (KenBts. Remix feat Chris Dave)

“Levels has since taken a life unto its own, bringing in interpretations from Flying Lotus and Sonnymoon; furthering what may be no called the “Levels Experiment.” The remix I provided follows in the tradition of the original song’s spirit: an ambitious exploration of sound, space and emotion; an aviary craft bursting into the embers of a maiden flight. ”
–Ken Barrientos (KenBts.)