Big Sean – ‘RWT’ | Music Video

As we get ever-closer to the release of his new mixtape, Detroit, G.O.O.D. Music rep Big Sean lets go of the video for “RWT,” a short-but-potent cut from the impending project.

As someone who generally wouldn’t consider himself the least bit of a Big Sean fan, I must admit that this shit is bangin’. Producers SouthSide and KeY Wane laced the kid with a hard-hitting track on which Sean basically talks as much shit as possible, letting all within earshot know that he’s really feeling himself. I got no problem with that cocky type of MCing; in fact, I’m all for it.

The video is directed by Mike Carson and Mike Waxx, and takes place in the middle of the woods. This is most likely a visual reference to the song title — “RWT” stands for “roll weed time.” One nickname for weed is “trees,” and the woods are full of trees. If that’s not what they were doing, then I have no idea why they set it in the wilderness.

Anyway, check it out below. Detroit drops later today.