Big Dutty Deeze – ‘This is England’ | Music Video

One of the biggest misconceptions about British Hip Hop [UK Hip Hop if you will] and Grime is that all of it has only been represented by London natives. With the not-so-obvious exception of Bristol (a city that gave birth to many of the early pioneering roots of UK Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Drum & Bass and Jungle) the Midlands has arguably represented UK Hip Hop and Grime on a national level brighter than another areas outside of The Big Smoke.

Artists past and present such as Moorish Deelta 7 and MalikTricksta, Late and Wolftown RecordsBaby J, Alex Blood, Preacha, Rukus, Yogi, S-X, Trilla, Badness, DeveilmanVaderMr Snowman, Ms. Tempz, Paris 1SOXDJ AmesMeeks (S-Squad) and Lady Leshurr (amongst many others) have been the voices of the Midlands through Hip Hop and Grime; a handful of whom (Baby J, Lady Leshurr, Tricksta, Late and Wolftown Records) have received international recognition and collaborated with a whole host of overseas stars.

Rising Wolverhampton-bred British Hip Hop emcee Big Dutty Deeze is yet another artist who is on the verge of making a hugh splash on the scene. A Tricksta/Wolftown protege, Deeze has spent the last few years laying down the foundation for his ascent to the UK’s MC throne via Wolftown’s legendary UK Runnings mixtape series (including They Call Me Big Dutty and the well-received Lyrical Surgery) and his very own projects, The Pre-Turn, Late Nights, Early Mornings, The Rebirth, The ReturnThis Is Gotham EP, Words From My Diary and The Rogue Angel.

Recently, the gruff-voiced rapper has been prepping his next release, The English Gentleman [see below for the official tracklist] produced entirely by Chicago-based beatsmith Rediculus, set to see the light of day later this month via Red’s Knowledge Giving Birth Records and and the digital arm of the DJ Double R and Uncle Rush-founded label Def Jam, making him only the third English born rapper [after Slick Rick and Lady Sovereign] to have a project distributed by the legendary music house.

“This Is England” [watch below] is the project’s first visual jumpoff, giving the viewer a bleek and sobering view (both lyrically and visually) of the England that’s very rarely seen outside of the British aisles. Stay locked to SC for further news and visuals from the forthcoming LP.

Watch: Big Dutty Deeze – ‘This is England’

Tracklist: Big Dutty Deeze – The English Gentleman