Bianca Raquel – “Mista Tin Man” | New Music

Set to Wizard Of Oz visuals among other pop culture television classics, emerging R&B starlet Bianca Raquel addresses her picture-perfect but heartless “Mista Tin Man” on her latest song.

“You’re an asshole, but you try to play the nice guy card/ With your bullet-proof smile and your eager eyes you fooled me” the New York/New Jersey native bemoans melodically on the bitter song in a solid vocal display, concluding, “I could kick myself, I should’ve known from the start/ That baby you’re a Tin Man, and you’ll never have a heart.” Her debut album, The Detox, is penned for release in early 2013 – in the meantime take a listen to “Mr Tin Man” below and download the mp3 here.

DOWNLOAD: Bianca Raquel – “Mr Tin Man” [Mp3]