Astroid Boys – “Bada$$” | Music Video

The Astroid Boys, a Welsh rap group who’ve toured with MC Dynamite, drop the visuals for their track “Bada$$” – a mischief filled video that sees this collective of DJs, rappers, skaters and BMX riders rhyming about their capers.

“Stay on your A game, don’t play games and hold your shit / Grab a glass, grab an ass and let’s get over it / Have a blast, ’cause I’m an ass and I’m condoning this badass attitude that these kids be rolling with,” growls the opening rapper on the chorus as the charming fellas ride the slow-to-start, dubstep-infused, pattering beat, the visuals switching between their activities at a funfair and indoors at a burlesque spot. That moshing scene is infectious.

The Astroid Boys will be performing on October 27th at Relentless’ Freeze Festival in London – buy tickets here.

‘Bada$$’ will be released through Brain Juice Recordings and My-Ish on October 31st.