AlunaGeorge – “You Know You Like It” | Music Video

I dunno what this is – it’s definitely “pop”, but not pop as we know it. The only way I can think to describe it is as the sound of Hudson Mohawke‘s bitchslapping pop music. The vocals are sweet and sincere – sugar and spice and all things nice etc. The driven, futuristic production isn’t. That’s not to say this is dark and twisted – it isn’t grimy and there’s certainly some whimsy to it. It’s just different, whilst simultaneous being another example of this new wave of R&B with Indie-Pop sensibilities.

AlunaGeorge are vocalist Aluna Francis and produced George Reid. They’re slowly picking up some buzz, having been featured as the Guardian’s New Band of the Day way back in March. HudMo seems the most obvious influence, but others (including the Guardian) seem quite keen on an Aaliyah x Timbaland comparison.

I’m not convinced by that particular point of reference, but Aluna’s vocals (both tonally and in terms of intonation) definitely remind me of someone I can’t put my finger on. Anyway, this is dope.

[Credit where it’s due to Uche via This Kid Is A Probem]

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