Alternate version of TLC’s “Creep” video surfaces [Video]


Nearly 20 years after it’s original release, an unseen alternate version of the video for TLC‘s “Creep” has found its way online, directed by Lionel C Martin.

Taken from the group’s multi-platinum selling album CrazySexyCool, gone is the in-studio dance choreography [and sexy silky pyjamas] and instead there’s more storyline-led footage. With everything from sneaking away from their prospective boyfriends to rocking some seriously [at the time] crazy headwear [you know that was Left Eye (R.I.P.) of course], the inclusion of personalised TLC motorcycle number plates and Aaliyah “Hot Like Fire” inspired outdoor vehicular choreography meant the video couldn’t have been anymore ’90s if it tried. Watch the video below.

Reminding you of what the originally released cut looked like, press play below and then let us know in the ‘C’ Section which version you prefer.