Action Bronson x Riff Raff x Dana Coppafeel – “Hot Shots Part Deux” | Music Video

Anyone who remembers the original Hot Shots Part Deux (starring a young Charlie Sheen) will remember that whilst it was ridiculously silly, it was also extremely entertaining.

That seems to be the ultimate link between the film and this track, a joint effort between Action Bronson, Riff Raff and Dana Coppafeel, three white rappers with their own fair share of comedic value.

Here, in the official UK video release for the track, a one-off single with producer White Russian, the trio drive around together and do very little, other than hanging around outside Milwaukee Public market and blowing a lot of haze. Action spits downright decadent rhymes as only he can, whilst Riff Raff, who loosely references the action hero theme with shout-outs to Clark Gable and Hulk Hogan, wears a garish yellow sports jacket which wouldn’t look out of place at a ’90s acid rave. Neither would he.

Indeed, Riff Raff’s costume fits with the colourful retro animations which accompany the track. These visuals and the natural comedy of the three lead actors (including Milwaukee local Dana Coppafeel, that explains it) make the process of them not doing very much actually quite watchable. And if that doesn’t convince you, there’s an attractive blonde ironing toast in the background.

The single drops on the 10/12/12. Watch the video for yourself below: