Action Bronson x Party Supplies – “Hookers At The Point” | Music Video

We previewed a cut from their upcoming Blue Chips project a few days ago, and now Action Bronson and Party Supplies present the music video to the “Hookers At The Point” in a semi-serious yet silly take on pimps ‘n prostitutes – Bronson playing the pimp, of course.

This latest number certainly indicates how diverse Blue Chips will be. The previous session showcased the slick, funky side to the record’s character, whereas “Hookers At The Point” is not only a testament to Action Bronson‘s ability to tell a story through bars and verses, but to the man’s mettle to tackle the issue of prostitution that is met with numb feelings in a lot of rap circles.

The music ain’t bad, either. Blue Chips should arrive in the SoulCulture mailbox on March 12th.

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