Ace Hood f/ Trey Songz – “Need Your Love” | Music Video

In Ace Hood‘s latest video for “Need Your Love” featuring Trey Songz, he ditches a high-maintenance girl and dreams of getting to know a girl he’s been eyeing all night at a small diner.

The Florida hailing rapper eventually helps the young lady he’s been watching start her car and gets to know her better, taking her out on a date and romancing her at a house party to the feel-good song song, infused with a sped up soul sample by producer Ben Billionz. With Trey Songz contributing sensual vocals to the hook, a host of stars make appearances throughout the video, including Fat Joe, Birdman, Meek Mill, Busta Rhymes and DJ Khaled.

The twist in the story comes when it becomes apparent that the entire storyline of the video was all a fantasy in Ace’s head. After the two essentially begin to fall in love, the video flashes back to what really happened at the diner; the girl’s car did eventually start and Hood never really got a chance to meet her.

Anticipated for release in 2013, stay tuned for details on Ace Hood’s upcoming fourth album.