3T – ‘Anything’: A Monday Trip Down Memory Lane

The year was 1995. Michael Jackson’s nephews and big brother Tito’s pyjama-wearing sons, Taj, Taryll and TJ – nicknamed 3T by their late mother, Dee Dee – were taking Europe by storm (but apparently not their native USA) with their quintessential pop-R&B ballad, ‘Anything’. Memories come flooding back. I had a friend who stalked them relentlessly when they came to the UK. Meanwhile I taped every TV appearance and read any magazine interview of theirs I could find.

I was too busy having the biggest crush on TJ to notice that ‘Anything’ was actually quite a decent tune. So yep, there’s not a love song cliché that doesn’t pop up somewhere in the lyrics but the chord progression on the chorus, harmonies and production are really lovely.

I don’t know… maybe it’s because the video features every ’90s boy-band promo staple (Rain, girl, baggy clothes, earnest stares into the middle distance, soft, blue-tinted focus, stop/start editing…), maybe it’s the smile that comes to my face when I think of how Taj routinely threw down his dufflebag when 3T performed ‘Anything’ on Top of The Pops, maybe it’s that I’ve finally worked out the harmony on the intro after all these years or perhaps it’s the fact that now I’m older TJ resembles an almost sinisterly attractive woodland creature from The Tales of Narnia series and Taryll would be more to my mature taste but…I’m feeling seriously nostalgic for the song and that era.

So for all those who clearly remember the short-lived 3T craze 15 years ago (Can you believe it?!) here’s the ‘Anything’ promo plus a much more recent clip of the Jackson Juniors helping out daddy Tito with his first solo album. Time has been good to TJ… his big bros look a little fuller in the cheeks though ;-)

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