It’s been a few months since Frank Ocean wrote an open letter to his fans, but we should all remember the last letter he posted on Tumblr. Back in July, a beautiful and heart-rending piece described his first love, and in doing so, revealed his bisexuality to the world. It was, it still is, a massive moment for hip hop and RnB.

Whilst Frank’s latest letter to his fans might not reveal such impactful news, it lets us in on aspects of his psyche and reveals his cerebral, creative nature.

Written in a stream of consciousness style, Frank’s letter offers both his reflections on recent years, and his plans for the future. The former include his experience of working in the studio with Jay Z and Pharrell, ‘I wonder how many trophies are lodged in their minds…I wonder why they still build”; whilst his plans involve writing a novel about twins and maybe moving away from California. Beyond these career and life considerations, Frank talks about what really matters. In a touching, albeit poignant sentence, he mentions how his dog misses him whilst he is away globe-trotting. At another point he comments on the importance of love: “All I really have to say is that love is all there is”.

Read the full letter for yourself below: