Murs x 9th Wonder – “It’s Over” | New Music

After announcing their final project together as a team, Murs and 9th Wonder have leaked the final track from their upcoming project The Final Adventure. Titled “It’s Over,” the track rings loud with the help of some trademark 9th samples and guitar twangs while Murs says goodbye in various different ways while also addressing a few individuals personal to him.

While the North Carolina hailing producer does get a look in with a goodbye message of his own – “So party on and we’ll catch you on the other end” – Murs informs listeners that they really have come to the end – “They say all good things must come to the end, The WireThe SopranosSeinfeld and Friends.”

Due out November 13th, The Final Adventure marks the fifth collaborative album between the two friends, musicians, and businessmen. Hear the track below.