MTV Bans Kanye West’s “Monster” Video | Music News

According to reports from, MTV has agreed not to air the video for Kanye West‘s “Monster” (in it’s current version) on their network.
Activists Sharon Haywood and Melinda Tankard Reist created a petition which was signed by over 1600 members asking MTV and Universal Music Group to pull the “offensive and misogynistic” video for the Jay-Z, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj-featured song which is from West’s critically acclaimed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album

According to Haywood and Tankard who created the petition:

“The mainstreaming of videos like this increases desensitized and callous attitudes toward violence against women,” said Reist, one of the campaign originators. “Young people are seeing images and absorbing harmful messages which glamorise misogyny and brutalise women. Women are reduced to sex-doll like playthings. So great is the level of desensitization that the barbaric treatment of women and girls is seen as normal and to be expected. We decided to run this campaign because we wanted to challenge the status quo.”

In her description of the Kanye West “Monster” video, the editor – Amanda Kloer who reported this story particularly mentions the scene with Jay-Z saying “a dead, naked woman lies with her mouth wide open, bluntly indicating her last act was a sexual one” and goes even further as to say that West “practically rapes the dead bodies of two women in bed” while also adding that, “the message of the video is pretty clear: women are sex objects and it can be erotic when they are killed in violent, sexual ways.” also report that Haywood and Tankard are not resting on their morales and have indicated that they will keep “fighting” until Universal Music Group addresses their concerns as well. Watch the video for “Monster” below.

My question, having just watched the video clip again would be something along the lines of “Can they all just let Mr. West breathe?”.
Tell me if I am being ignorant because I do not see that Kanye West “practically rapes” anyone in this video. In fact I don’t get any of it but what are your thoughts?

You can read the rest of Amanda Kloer’s report here.

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