Mr. J Medeiros, Stro Elliot reunite as The Procussions, fundraising for new album

How would you like a chance to support lyrical, inventive, well-produced underground hip hop?

Former hip hop duo The Procussions have re-united after seven years and are inviting fans to be their ‘partners’ in a new creative project. The ex-Rawkus Records pair, comprised of Mr. J Medeiros and Stro Elliot, will make and release a new LP if fans can raise £10,000 via their IndieGogo page.

With 78 days left to reach the grand total, they have already found 61% of their funds. Supporters can choose to contribute at various different levels, and can expect ‘cool perks’ in return, not least receiving a copy of the album itself.  Hoodies, t-shirts, stickers and buttons are all up for grabs, depending on how much you raise.

The pair have just released a video in which they explain their reasons for splitting up, re-uniting and making an album of this nature.

Having toured the world four times since ’98 and having worked with the likes of Talib Kweli and !llmind, in 2006 the duo felt it was time to collect their thoughts and pursue individual paths. Stro Elliot ended up producing on Phonte‘s excellent Charity Starts at Home, whilst Mr. J Medeiros released a number of solo albums. His most recent effort, the excellent Pale Blue Dot EP, featured the well-known Canadian underground rapper Shad

However, in their time apart, both artists came to realise that their collective energy was greater than their individual energy, and that writing and performing together what what they enjoyed most.

With their new project, they are eager to skip the middle-men and connect with their fans directly. As a duo who have been through their fair share of industry troubles, the new approach makes plenty of sense.

Whilst I could list a number of reasons why you should support them, I thinks it’s better that I leave it to the duo themselves, who have  written a longer piece on their IndieGogo page. Check it out, and help support the project with whatever you can, here.

Their previous albums, 5 Sparrows Cents and As Iron Sharpens are available for digital purchase on Amazon, and a new 20-track best-of The Procussions album, titled Up’Till Now, drops for free download Monday Oct. 1st.