MoRuf – “Rest Well” [Prod. by Like of PacDiv] | New Music

Had a tough week? Enjoy many of HipHop’s recent 808 laden club bangers but now need something to just chill out to? Well look no further than MoRuf‘s fresh new cut “Rest Well.”

The track, produced by Like one-third of West Coast HipHop trio PavDiv, is a heartfelt and warm tribute to the New Jersey emcee’s father, who passed away just over two years ago, and is laced with many words of wisdom Mo’s “pops” blessed him with.

Without a shadow of a doubt… this song is a clear reminder of two things: One, Nobody is promised a tomorrow and two, (as a result) tell your loved ones that you love them every chance you get.

Peace & Love.

“Respect your mother and show love to your females…” – MoRuf

Song Lyrics:

[Verse One]
“Shorty said it was the charm in me/
Said she on her period so drove to the pharmacy/
Bought her a pack of aleve and told her that i gotchu/
You made me the man i am tell me something i’ll not do/
Remember you use to fuck with that lame his name was abdul/
Know a ninja bad to to the bone not talking fossil/
Now this ninjas tagging along they want that achuu/
In a predicament wonder what would pops do/
He probably say listen to your mother/
Stop addressing all your haters and appreciate your lovers./
Life is like a movie can you add a little butter on that popcorn/
They said i been bugging out since my pops gone…pops gone…they said i been bugging out..

“You dont know what you got till its Gone”

[Verse Two]

“I grew up in the hood n***a/ But no i aint a hood n***a/
Dont get it misunderstood n***a/ Oooh i wish a n***a would n***a/
Friend homie and a lover/
Pick all 3 damn gotta all of above em/
Last born, 3 sisters, no brothers/
Beans said son “how my older sisters going make me tougher”/
Pops made me a man i listen to my mother/
He always there for her know on did come above her/
Just for that gotta respect it/
He always show love and plus he never neglect it/
Sat me down every Sunday and spoke to me in detail/
Said respect your brothers and show love to your females/
Cause they the ones that brought you to this world/
Your probably realise when you have your babygirl/Understand son..
The way lay your bed…thats the way you sleep on it
Thank you………RESTWELL

[via ashleyoutrageous]